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Hello Families,With this week’s Black Friday sales coming, several families are starting to gather gifts for their close ones. Stay careful when shopping in stores and keep practicing safe measures 😷 Plan on having a few clean masks on hand as they can get wet quickly after walking outside in the cold. In need of more masks (reusable or disposable)? Contact me so we can arrange a drop-off at your convenience.Upcoming ActivitiesDon’t miss the neighborhood assembly!join fellow
Hello Families,The rain and the cold were there this weekend but I hope you still went for a nice walk to get some fresh air and get energized for the week 🌞.Thank you to those who made it last Friday to the Innovation-Assistance Farmer’s market; stay tuned for the next one 🥕The Great early childhood week started on November 15th. Join us in celebrating the childcare staff, family organizations, parents and everyone else in the community who make it
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Hello Families,I hope you enjoyed the weekend and took in as much sunshine as you could! The weather will offer us a few more beautiful days so take the time to have a walk with your close ones.🥦🥕 Innovation-Youth is looking for volunteers to make phone calls to clients of the Innovation-Assistance’s food program. Contact Jessica at 514 843-3996 or innov-coord@direction.ca ActivitiesSeveral new activities are coming this week. Check out the regulars here∆ Farmer’s market / Innovation Assistance
Hello Families,Halloween is done and the little monsters hung up their costumes until next year. It might be time to schedule your yearly dentist appointment now, after all that candy 🍬🍭Another month is starting, getting us that much closer to winter. The snow covered the sidewalks this morning with its white coat ❄️, and I almost fell on my nose twice already! Watch your steps when you take a walk outside now, and don’t forget your
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 Hello Families,So Halloween is coming and the cold is here 🥶. Turn on the heaters but try to keep the temperature around 21 degrees to be comfortable and check your humidity level indoors so you don’t get dehydrated (a good trick is to hang your laundry 👚 to air dry instead of using your electric dryer)We have a few spots available in our Parents multiplicateurs program meeting this Friday morning. If you want to join

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